Photo Retouching

By using our photo retouch up technique, you can enhance your old photograph to a brand new photo. We “enhance” your photographs, by smoothing the backgrounds, adding vibrant colors and removing unwanted objects.

If you are looking to retouch up your old, moldy, scratched or torn photographs, our photo retouching services can safeguard your photos for generations to come. Our retouch up services include the following:
  • Background replacement.
  • Eye, skin or hair color changing.
  • Brightening of colors.
  • Heavy crease removal.
  • Adding colors to the faded areas.
  • Making photographs small or large.


In the photograph above the car is painted dull red with some visible extra spots at the base. All the extra spots were removed and finishing touches were given to the photograph. Finally, the contrast was increased thus, making the car appear bright.

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