At PhotosTouchup, we have the magic touch that delivers distinctive, memorable and effective graphic solutions enabling you to market your jewellery and accessories more effectively. We enhance and touchup the jewellery and accessories for advertising, brochures, catalogues, websites, etc.

Our aim is to transform an image that could have been an ordinary record shot into something more interesting and hard hitting that will grab your client’s attention and make the difference between winning and losing a sale of a product or service.

We can provide tailor made packages in the following areas:

• Removing backgrounds to make the product image ready to use on catalogs,brochures and print advertisements, websites.
• Improving snapshots.
• Correcting uneven exposure.
• Colorization.
• Cleaning up scratches.
Repairing small and large cracks.
• Erasing mildew spots.
• Increasing sharpness and fine detail.
Our pricing is competitive and we always provide the highest quality images tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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