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Photostouchup.com was founded with the intent of restoring the images of those special moments that you hold dear to your heart and memories. Our manual photo retouching and restoration services provide our clients with the best results.

Our photo restoration staff is highly experienced and proficient with the web design, graphic design and photo masking techniques. Check out our Portfolio section, we are sure to provide you with the best quality and accurate results.

Jeffery McPhie

General Manager (North America)

Jeff comes to Photostouchup.com from Sinar Bron Imaging, where he was Regional Sales Manager responsible for high-end digital photographic imaging solutions to the federal government and commercial photographic markets. As a professional photographer (Jeff earned a Bachelors of Professional Arts from Brooks Institute of Photography), Jeff has shot assignments for Merrill-Lynch, Johnson & Johnson, Home-Life Insurance, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Prince Manufacturing and Volvo North America. Beyond photography, Jeff has created and managed graphic production and commercial color lab service companies catering to the Fortune 100 marketplace at both the corporate and entrepreneurial level. Jeff’s position as General Manager-North America will utilize his 25+ years of experience in sales, sales management, creative management and operational management.

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