You can scan the image/photo and email it to us. Photostouchup will then examine the photo and then categorize it under retouch up, manipulation or restoration services. After we examine the photograph, we will get back to you with our estimate.

You review and accept the cost estimate, and make the advance payment by check, PayPal or credit card. Upon receipt of payment, we will begin the restoration work. It generally takes 24 to 48 hrs for the restoration work to complete, after whichwe upload, scan or mail (either of the options) the restored photo back to you. If you still feel that there are some changes that need to be worked upon, we will incorporate the final changes and upload the new image for your approval. Once you approve the sample, we will email the high resolution, fully restored photo(s) to you.
Min. 300 dpi and B/W scan is acceptable.
Please scan them and send an electronic copy to us.
Just click on the Facebook like button and then go to our Facebook page and click on the link for coupons (on the top left side of the screen).
We provide one free touchup to each of our Facebook fans.
We are an online merchant, so all transactions take place via our website or over the phone.
Yes. We restore stained and molded photos.
Yes. We restore old artwork, depending on the size of the artwork.
You can place the order in either of the ways: You can fill the order form and follow the instructions thereafter or, you can simply mail us at contact@photostouchup.com You can also mail us a disc or CD at:
301 N. Harrison Street
#414 Princeton , NJ 08540
Tel : 866-412-1270
Fax : 866-283-7796
E-Mail : contact@photostouchup.com
It depends on the photograph or the type of restoration work to be applied on it. It usually takes about 3-5 days, again, depending on the damage or the type of work done on it. Please call us for an estimate.
Yes. We have expertise in commercial photo restoration and manipulation.
We accept payment through:
• Online Payment: PayPal, credit card
• Check
• Wire transfer
If you have any other queries, you can contact us at contact@photostouchup.com
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