Photo Enhancement

With our many photo enhancement services, we can colorize a black and white photo, add, modify or remove a background or object or retouch the image.Using our photo enhancement services, you can bring out the details in a faded photograph. We work personally with clients to make sure that the final finished photographs are to their approval. Our photo enhancement experts do their best to adjust to contrast, color and sharpness levels.

Whether you have old photos that have become scratched or more recent photos that have been accidentally damaged by sunlight, water or any other reason, our photo enhancement professionals will restore and enhance your photo to perfection for you. We are committed to restoring and enhancing your photographs to give you the most ideal pictures possible.

We specialize in:

• Blending people into pictures.
• Replacing, adding or deleting people from a photo.
• Background expansion for adding more people to the photograph.
• Adding and removing background from the pictures.
• Inserting people into the pictures.
• Enhancing photo resolution.
• Enhancing picture quality.
• Emphasizing certain areas in the photo.

Is color the only thing missing from your photo? We can fix that for you!! Take a look at the photographs below; by making some minor changes we gave new life to the photographs.

Photo Resolution is an indication of the quality of your photos. The higher the resolution, the clearer and more detailed your photograph. But, sometimes the image is not clear enough and is pixilated which, in turn affects the photograph quality. We, at Photostouchup, enhance the photo resolution thereby, enhancing the picture quality and giving a clean and clear look to the image.

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