Wedding Image Enhancement

Are you a wedding photographer looking for digital enhancement of your work? You can trust us completely for enhancing your shots to give them exactly the look that you have visualized. PhotosTouchup provides complete services for image control and manipulation, executed by PhotoShop specialists. From face touchup to photo enhancement, colorization to background removal, we do it all here. All images are colour corrected and supplied in RGB format. Our work will exceed your expectations.

Here’s how we can help you:

• Improving the dynamic range of the image and adjusting midtones.
• Removing any unnatural color casts.
• Making the photo warmer by saturating colors.
• Separating the subject from the background, if necessary, using selection tools.
• De-emphasizing the background through lightening, blurring, or color desaturating tools.
• Sharpening the image.
Repairing blemishes.

We offer very competitive pricing and always provide the highest quality image enhancement tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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