Welcome! Brooklyn was founded with the intent of restoring the images of those special moments that you hold dear to your heart and memories. Our manual photo retouching and restoration services provide our clients with the best results.

Our Photo Restoration staff is highly experienced and proficient with the web design, graphic design and photo masking techniques. Check out our Portfolio section, we are sure to provide you with the best quality and accurate results.

PEOPLE – Retouching
Wedding Photographs

Enhancing Wedding Photographs

Are you a wedding photographer looking for digital enhancement of your work? You can trust us completely for enhancing your shots to give them exactly the look that you have visualized. PhotosTouchup provides complete services for image control and manipulation, executed by PhotoShop specialists. From face touchup to photo enhancement, colorization to background removal, we do it all here. All images are colour corrected and supplied in RGB format. Our work will exceed your expectations.

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Retouching for Models

Retouching for Models

As a model your portfolio will decide the fate of your career.Retouched photos are proven to generate excellent casting opportunities. At Photostouchup, we specialize in photo retouching, “airbrushing” and glamorization of portraits. Our Photoshop experts can enhance and improve skin texture, remove wrinkles and blemishes, enlarge eyelashes, emphasize your eyes, enhance and reshape lips, fix hairstyle, remove hair strings, whiten teeth, remove teeth gaps, etc. We can apply or remove make-up, change color tone of skin and eyes, smoothen skin texture, remove double chin etc.

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Family & Friends

Retouching photos of Family & Friends

As time goes by, we remember the special times spent together with our family through the images. Be it celebrations, anniversaries, babies, or just everyday life. These special times will soon become memories relived only through the photographs. You can give a pleasant surprise to a loved one by restoring or enhancing their precious photos. We specialize in the art of restoring old family photos. We can also enhance your precious images by removing the minor imperfections.

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PRODUCTS – Retouching & Background Removal
Fashion Accessories

Retouching & BgRemoval of Fashion Accessories

Our team of Photoshop experts can give your accessories the look that helps enables you to market them more effectively. From background removal or clipping path, color adjustment, removal of spots/dust particles and overall enhancement, we do it all here. We shall give you the enhanced images ready to be printed on brochures and catalogs and print advertisements. If you are a marketing company or a printer, Photostouchup can be a one stop shop for you.

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Jewelry and Watches

Retouching for Jewelry and Watches

At Photostouchup, we have the expertise to provide the jewelry & watches industry with wide range of excellent and affordable visual solutions. Our team of Photoshop experts can do an excellent job of background removal or clipping path, color adjustment, removal of spots/dust particles etc. We give your jewelry & watch images the look that gets them attention when used in advertising print, catalog and web marketing.

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Other Products

Retouching of Other Products

Hard hitting product images are important for successful marketing of the product. Our team of Photoshop experts can retouch your product photographs to prepare them for websites, online auctions, Internet retailing, print catalogs and promotional materials, graphic design and more.  We aim to provide excellent turn around time and cost-effective solutions for everyone from professional photographers to marketing companies and printers.

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Restoring Old Photographs

Restoration of Old Photographs

Through the artistry of digital restoration, Photostouchup can bring back precious memories that otherwise might have been lost forever. We can restore old photos that are severely faded, yellowed, stained, scratched or torn and bring them back to life. In every case we perform color correction, exposure correction and sharpening wherever required.

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Restoring Damaged Photos

Restoration of Damaged Photos

An eye for details is what it takes to restore damaged images. If this is what you are looking for, then your search ends right here. Our team of professionals are experts in digital restoration of damaged prints – scratched, torn, creased, stained and with missing portions. In every case we perform color correction, exposure correction and sharpening wherever required.

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